MEGA BOMBS! GMO Parasites Are The mRNA Vectors!

Ariyana Love

“The Masters of Evil Terrorize Global Citizens by Spraying Down Cities and Towns with Aerosolized Biosynthetic Ai Nanoweapons called Spike Proteins.” – Karen Kingston

by Dr. Ariyana Love

Recently I teamed up with the legendary Dr. Robert O. Young for a mega bombshell reveal about the mRNA vectors in COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Young is a senior scientific researcher who’s been analyzing body fluids with specialized lab equipment for over 40 years. I am a second generation Naturopathic Doctor and a 13-year veteran journalist and researcher. Like me, Dr. Young is a targeted individual.

After providing a proven curefor cancer in 1996, Dr. Young fell under attack by the Luciferian cabal who’s been hell bent on smearing his good name ever since. I have been targeted by the Izraeli state since 2017 who’ve been hell bent on smearing my good name with accusations of “racism”.

Dr. Young and I share…

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